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Study Counseling Service Osnabrück

Take your future into your own hands!
We are happy to advise you on all aspects concerning your choice of academic subjects, your current studies, or a possible reorientation.

You may have so many interests that you find it difficult to select an academic discipline which covers most of them. In that case we will help you to evaluate your options in order to find academic subjects which match your interests and abilities.
During our service hours we offer advice by telephone, email, web conference or in personal meetings. Please let us know, if you prefer an individual meeting in our office, by phone or online. We can also offer a one-to one walk in our campus area. Our consultations are confidential, independent, and free of charge. Generally, our consultations are in German, however we can also talk in English if you cannot speak German. You can also bring or use a person who speaks English and your native language. You must then trust him/her to translate the spoken words correctly.

For a first contact please send us an email: info@zsb-os.de

For more information about studying in Osnabrück, please visit our websites of Osnabrück University and Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences)

 For direct contact with International Offices contact:

Specific information for refugees:

Individual counselling without an appointment (open consultation hours)

Wednesday 02-04 pm (in presence)
Thursday 10-12 am (by telephone) +49 541 969 6138 or +49 541 969 4098

We always take the time you need, even if you only contact us shortly before the end of the consultation.
You can also make individual appointments outside the specified times by telephone or email:

+49 541 969 4999 (Mon-Tue 10-12 am | Mon+Wed 02-04 pm)

Personal consultation with appointment

If you cannot reach us during our consultation hours, send us an email to make an appointment for a personal meeting, a video chat, a phone call or a consultation on foot on our campus: info@zsb-os.de

Important information:

We recommend the following website of the German government, where you can find helpful information about your stay in Germany and useful insights from international students. Find out how you can plan your studies in Germany in good time and get an idea of what life in Germany is all about:

Q&A sessions for prospective international students

If you have any questions regarding:
•    Application process,
•    Admission qualifications,
•    Language requirements,
•    Studying in Osnabrück or at other universities in Germany.
Feel free to join our session for prospective students from abroad. We provide an overview of options for studying in Germany, answer your questions and will also introduce you to our program “Be our Guest! “. Our chat is mainly held in German. However, questions can also be asked in English. We speak English if all participants understand English. You can use an interpreter who speaks your language.
Usually, the session is offered every first Tuesday of the month from 16:00 to 18:00. If you want to join this session, please send an email, and let us know your questions, so that we can prepare our answers: info@zsb-os.de
Important: Please check your SPAM filter, if you have not received an email from us within 2 or 3 days.


Study Counseling Service Osnabrück
Neuer Graben 27
Building 19 (site plan), 1st floor
D - 49074 Osnabrück